Hand-Painted Wrapping Paper

3:12 PM

I was feeling a tad bit creative this Christmas, so I decided to paint my own wrapping papers instead of doing the annual "brown paper packages tied up with strings". The patterns I ended up doing on the white paper involved rough brush strokes which looked very child-like, but once I had actually wrapped the gifts and topped it off with a gold, glittery ribbon, I was quite proud of the end product! The chosen patterns and colours weren't so Christmas-y, but simply painting your own wrapping paper adds a fun, creative and personal touch, in addition to your wrapped gifts. And of course it's not limited to paints, where you can add arts and crafts, such as glitter, pom poms, stickers and so on. 

This time round, I settled on a roll of white wrapping paper that had a glossy finish, but for future reference, I would opt for tissue or butchers paper instead if I wanted a neater finish with the paints or was seeking for more versatility (e.g. if you wanted to work with watercolours, instead of acrylics).

The Paper ($7) from David Jones
The Ribbon ($1) from Riot! Art & Craft
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