4:55 PM

Going to the bookstore, I had no plans of coming out with an actual book, considering that last year was the last book I bought (which was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, if you were interested). Still, I wasn't going to leave empty-handed after Aleksandra Mizielinska's and Daniel Mizielinkski's beautifully illustrated Maps book caught the corner of my eye. Although classified as a children's book in the store, it would make a fantastic addition to a coffee table collection for all ages to delve in as an introductory guide about 52 countries. The only criticism I would have to give is that I wish all the countries were included, as my parent's birth place is nowhere to be seen! This also isn't the type of book where you could look at traditionally from beginning to end, where I love the sense of spontaneity that comes by opening it randomly and continuing to find hidden facts and gems. This is a marvellous starter kit to educate yourself a bit about the featured countries and contains various opportunities to explore more and more in this intrinsically detailed, yet simplistic format (compared to the mundane and comprehensive atlases).

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